Thursday, 17 July 2008


thanks for all the smses andthe calls.all the wishes are really appreciated.the thought counts than the gift!lalala.i got my p80 from father & mother,burberry perfume from mother,pink crocs from liyana and lovely wish from blabby cousin,hasya who never wish me before.pfft.oh well,akmaelinda loves this year's birthday more bcoz after all the suffers in Dublin,she came back to Msia to feel the loveliness of her friends and family..kasih and sayang is more needed than material isnt?will update pictures later.
and again,
thanks a mil for all the loves,the cares,the sweets and concern.i am content now:)
another one year ahead and im officially 23.pffft;p


fAirY said...

babe! u dh melupakn Dublin yg 'best' nie?!! hahahahaa...

neway, wait for me! i'm going to join u in 2 weeks time!!! yay! i'm going to feel the love from family n friends too :) hehehee...

can't wait to c u!

p/s: nana is going back next weekend