Friday, 22 January 2010


Time to write!

My schedule was literally busy from the beginning of the year.I haven't got time to blog and write innit!Time is running.This whole week,I was fully occupied with this and that!Well of course,sale is almost over!I went mad looking at the discounted items!Imagine all designers on sale up to 70%.Gila ok!I actually trembled my wallet again and went broke!Aha.Totally mad like "tak der hari esok la kan"!

Life has been pretty much the same.Plain old me!Emotionally distracted sometimes which I will ended crying on the phone with daddy & mummy.Missing the girlfriends so much esp Yuyu and Akma who went back couple of weeks ago.So sad!

Anyways,currently the weather is getting better compared to the week and week before.It was freaaaaaking cold.Ya Allah,the snow was really heavy.The road was slippery.Dang.Everywhere was white!I managed to balance myself from slip on icy ground.Scary tau!

Good news I received last weekend was really pleased me.My bgf Syikin sent me an smses which I ended crying.She is pregnant and yes my best friend is carrying a baby,is soon to become a mummy and is going to give a birth iN 7-8 months time.Syukur.I am so happy for u dear bestie.You know I always love u kan!Please take care of urself yang.

Besides that,another bestie is getting ehem ehem.I wish I was there to sort her things out.Alhamdulillah she told me 80% has completed.I miss u terribly:((.You know who u are.

I shall sleep by now,seriously.I do need beauty sleep.Yesterday went crazy in Kildare and so today in city.Everything was massively sale.I'll write more in future.Take care lovies.


p/s:Geraldine's mum died on Monday.May she rest in peace.I am truly sorry for ur loss Ger:(


Ashikin said...

akma!!! ahaha ok aku xle lupa aku nangis kat pavilion. masa ko call tu aku dah agak ni we might end up crying. kan btol. sabo je la.

anyways im carrying bout 1 month or less. so ada lg 8 bln. ahaha long wayyyy to go.

n sume org aku dah soh stop cite pasal sale. lgpon aku xnak membazir beli bj yg aku xleh pakai dah. aku kene pkai bj org boncit pasni. :P n atm, seluar aku byk yg ketat n senak perot dah. ada la 2-3 je bole pkai lg. kang lg 2 bln kene shopping. yay!!!

yuyu aziz said...

i miss u!!!

ps: gambar profile kurus plsssssss! jeles!