Monday, 25 January 2010

Hello Lovies!

Weekend was amazing and yet so disgusted.I spent most of the time buying stuff(again) and lingering around city.Bumped into Mary on saturday and went coffee-ing with her.Then heading to Fridays for dinner with the fellas.I didn't join the club after because it was so freezing.Mati ok if balik around 3-ish.Frozen tros plus it has been a while.

So yesterday,went shopping again with Mary.I bought plates,mugs and few stuff.Ger rang me up for a quick coffee and I met her after that.Poor Ger,she told me the reality hasn't hit her.She was really closed to her mum and still feels her mum presence.To Geraldine,be strong!You can always celebrate Mother's day with ur loved ones:)

Besides that,

Mary and Bun are officially 25!Happy Belated Birthday u ols!Syggg sgt.

and also,
my Akma comel is turning 25 on 26th Jan:)

Happy Birthday dear.Love sgt!Lets plan for vacay once im back!



akma said...

thank u yayang!!! :)

Hafizah Nazarudin said...

akma..add i..i baru buat blog..ehehe!!

i x reti nak add mcm mana.. :)