Monday, 1 March 2010

Compilation of whole week

Scotland was amazing and freezing.Covered all except Edinburgh and our host were very kind and helpful.Thanks korang.Got back to Dublin on Tuesday,without realising I have so many things to do including packing.Another box was shipped again since there are zillions of things more in the closet.

26thFebruary:Had farewell party at JimmyChung with Montgomery's staff.

27February:Weekend was fully occupied with dinner and such.Kak Aishah and family cooked me delicious soto ayam and Suria & housemates cooked nasi ayam while the ivy girls with various type of food.I am stuffed and bloated.

28February:Last Sunday in Dublin,I had housemates dinner out.We had dinner at Captain America's.

1st March:Monday was the day.The day I left a place called here for the past 3 years.There were blacks and whites,ups and downs.I learnt so many things and 1st March remarkable date as I left place with so many treasures.

Upon arrival in Kuala Lumpur,I was surprised.My 2 besties were there.Yuyu and Aysha.I have made a plan to surprise Aysha but apparently,she made it first.She even hide behind my mum when I saw Yuyu standing next to mum.Sheesh.Hilman was there too.I hugged dad after a year of apart.Deep inside me,I still can feel the warm of his hug.Dad was delighted im back although we had arguments on my future.Even he dragged me to his office to see his new room.

Excitedly to be back in Malaysia..Schedules fully occupied until next week.Lunch-eon with Yuyu at Chilis BSC,dinner with family,visiting grandaunt(mak wo jasmin),weekend with the girls(spa perhaps),fitting baju for my bffffff's engagement,catching up with the friends,etc.fuuh.Although the weather is killing me.I relied on the air-conditioner since I arrived.Seriously,the heat is killing my head and spinning.

Blogging from Malaysia officially,


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