Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Reality check

I tried to come up with so many excuses why I didn't blog for so long.Busy!Oh well.Malaysia has been really hot.no kidding.Im sweating like a pig and of course the air conditioner is on for 24/7.Life pretty much the same.Contented.Reality has hit me today.I just realised I am back in Malaysia for 4 weeks=)

I love lingering around dad and mum often,watching tv together and of course hanging out -3 of us.Anyways,I managed to *bodek* daddy to buy me new d3000 after trembling his pocket to buy me LV.Recently my cam had problem with shutter.So I took the opportunity to ask him for a new cam.Haha.Mum is going for outstation this friday, so I'll be at home with daddy only.Great,just great.In another words I have to prepare food for him.*flip hair*

Relationship?Everyone has been asking me.Well,lets keep it simple,truth that hurts.I am glad I still have strength inside me to deal with everything.Regardless what happen,life must go on isn't it?Trust me,been betrayed is sucks big time.



zeileen yusnita said...

akmaaa saya rindu awk la...da lame x update gossip ok..