Sunday, 4 March 2012

Thousand miles

In exactly a week to go before leaving to perform umrah with the parents.Most of my colleague including our Risk Director and other bosses have been questioning me will I change soon when I come back?Will I take a little step and give up completely to change the whole wardrobe?I am still hesitate to answer.

To be frank,I am excited.There are so many things I would like to doa hoping my wishes will be granted and insyaAllah will never waste the opportunities.Countless sins I have committed,countless things I have done,I am seeking for the blessing and forgiveness.But honestly,I hope to become better person inside out.

What are the preparation I have made so far?I had everything sorted with Mum's assistance and the best part was buying the scarfs.Dad was smiling when I put on my scarf,trying in front of him and telling him "Pa,do i look pretty in this?".He started to make face and annoyed me.Deep inside him, I know he loves when I cover my blonde hair.Haha.

I decided not to roaming my phone this time round.I will keep myself shut from the phone and no internet access during the time I am there.I would like to have time off from any communication from my work and other people including Mr Stranger.He asked me to at least on my bbm but I refused.

I will definitely miss everyone around me for 2 weeks.Leaving thousand miles away as in I am going back to Dublin,time difference,away from my hectic work,away from gym routine,away from congested massive traffic in KL,no calls-bbm-text from Mr Stranger,bosses,friends,I am practically leaving everything behind me.To Mr Stranger,I'll miss the laugh,the sarcasm,the goofy jokes u make to keep me alive and reason to breathe everyday:)

Look forward to update soon I come back.Do keep me in your prayers.My apology to all of you from the bottom of my heart especially to the sisters I love most.May Allah always bless and reward all of you true contentment.InsyaAllah.



Anonymous said...

May Allah, grant you a maqbul umrah. Open your heart to the path of 'siratul mustaqim', grant you a righteous husband and children who always remember to give you sadeqah in their prayers. Amin

Akmaelinda said...

Thanks for the lovely wish.InsyaAllah,with His blessing,I hope to have ease and smooth journey to Holy Land besides to be awarded righteous husband.Amin.

May Allah grant u goodness.Jazakallah khair.