Sunday, 29 April 2012


It has been almost a month I came back from the journey of seeking my inner peace.The journey was amazing and to be honest,I am looking forward to go again insyaAllah.I witnessed beautiful things and didn't experience any weird which I am truly really blessed.

I never imagine myself  after 18 years to set my foot again in Mecca and Medina.Nothing beats the wonderful journey to Tanah Halal.You won't find the best experience anywhere else in this world.

Too many things I was being tested,too many pains I have gone through before the journey but Allah is fair.Everything happened with a good reason.I won't be there without my loves of life,Papa & Mama who never stop praying and supporting me from behind.

Again,words cant be justified what was the feeling hoping one day I can write more.

Anyway,just came back from Bali last week.Girly trip with the girls!Had fab time in Bali.