Sunday, 9 September 2012

Welcome to the world Chadli's Junior

The past year has been one of my best. Though I didn't cross everything off of my list, I'm pretty proud of how I've spent the last 270 days so far. I welcomed September with open arms and excited to make plans for everyone.Most of the things I wanted to do especially coordinating parties for friends I love very much accomplished.Since Yana who's going to deliver her first baby in October,I have made plan to surprise her.With her silly and helpful husband,Chadli, we managed to do her "BABY SHOWER"at their place yesterday.

The plan took 2 weeks for all the excited aunties (Suria,Reen,Azie,Norin and Alia) to really put hard work and made the plan succeeded.I must give credit to all of them.Everything was perfect although we did it at home.From the decorations to games,I must say,everyone involved in each of the plan and contributed as much as they could.Thanks everyone!

 I have a feeling that this next one's going to be just as thrilling! 

I'm looking forward to this next year and it was fun to spend time thinking about the things.

Good Luck Chadli & Yana!