Sunday, 17 November 2013

Life changing..

As I’m writing this, it’s almost unbelievable that I harbored negative feelings about several issues for an entire decade or two. The amount of time that I completely wasted is almost unfathomable to me. And while I wouldn’t say that these negative feelings dominated my life, I am certain they held me back and kept me from realizing my full potential to be a good muslim.

Around the time I turned 28, I started to realize that the more things I let go that were bothering me, the happier I became.Things need to be changed and slowly I realized I became matured to deal with every issues in life. All my problems were solved by seeking help from God.I have learned that my battles only with myself because I want everything to be my way of solving.Because after all,it has been purposely written for me since I was born.

Since I was 18, my life has taken so many unexpected twists and turns. A lot of this is just because of who I am.What I did and do in my past.However, life still has a way of surprising us which can make long-term planning a bit difficult. And today things seem to be changing at a much faster pace than before.At some point,I just feel my life is too focusing on present " duniawi" and I don't focus on life after which is " akhirat".How long more I have to live and enjoy my time as a human before I die?

Most (and perhaps all) of the time, the process of accepting my past has involved either forgiving myself or forgiving others. I have had to forgive myself for feeling like I wasn’t good enough, poor decisions that I made, not standing up for what was right, etc. And although looking back in the grand scheme of things none of what happened would probably be considered a big deal by other people, it mattered a lot to me for many years so I had to come to terms with it.