Saturday, 21 December 2013

Seeking and searching

The more time spent with positive, uplifting people, the easier it is to stay positive and focus on the present. Positivity is contagious and the more it's around you, the more you start to see the good in the world, taking your mind away from dwelling on your heart break and reminding you of all that you still have to be thankful for.

Last Saturday, I had a chance to volunteer this one charity organization (NGO) to give out food to homeless people around KL. My first thought at that point of time, they are probably drug addicts and got kick out from home or probably not educated and end up at the street or perhaps they have no purpose in life by giving up their future at the street. I was wrong and come to think of it,they were not born at the street.

Something actually happened to them till they opt to stay outside especially the elderly.How did they end up stay at the street side by side with other elderly? How? Where are their family members? Did the kids aware the parents sleeping on the card board instead of nice comfy bed? Why are they staying outside with this kind of weather in Malaysia? why ?

As sad as it's been for me, I've been trying really, really hard to make good use the time I had when I distributed the food to those homeless.With little bit sad thinking how eager they were when we passed the food ( deep inside me, I know they are hungry), I realized my life is too perfect than theirs.

I have my family,friends and job for living. I have a car to drive here and there and also place to shelter. I switch air-conditioner when I feel warm in the room. I earn money and spend like there is no tomorrow. I have amazing parents who assist and give me allowance when I am dead broke. I eat outside almost everyday and sometimes I complain how yikes the food with the price I pay. I can do whatever I want.I can spend on what I desire.


How about these people who is homeless and they have no money and place to shelter? 

A lot has changed since last Saturday.I have decided something big to my life.Something which impact myself for entire life. I am very sure with this path. Although the right path is sometimes the harder path, the path that makes me push myself and struggle and become better.