Sunday, 19 January 2014

Amsterdam it is

When you're having fun, you're in the moment. You're focused not on what's next, but on what's now. The more fun you're having, the more present you'll be because you're not longing to move on to the next task or event. Making things fun isn't always easy, but having fun makes it easy to stay in the moment. 

Amsterdam was never in my list place to go before I die.AHAH. Probably because I only have certain places to go and back then, I only picked for cheaper flight tickets offered by Ryanair. Of course places like Paris and Venice are reserved for my honeymoon. Argh cliche it is..!!

So, my 3 days 2 nights was well spent in Amsterdam. The weather was not freezing as I expected.It was still bearable. I had wonderful time although I didn't spend on shopping.I went on cafe' hopping ( of course not coffee shop which sells weed). 

On a more personal note, spend more time taking pictures and cherish the moment wherever you go to capture and store in your scrapbook- 365 days of 2014.