Sunday, 19 October 2014

Age and ageing. LOL

Surrounded by stress, a lot of things  even the good things  can turn sour. When your mind is clouded with stress, a gray film of discontent can cover every aspect of your life. I love what I am doing now,no more stress calls, no more reminders to check on business growth and no more writing CAMS but I was completely drained.I became emotional, and physical energy was used up for nothing. I have no idea why?What went wrong? Does work take up so much of my energy?No, I don't think so.It just I am now struggling on how to understand and digest my new job description. So, what in the world is happening. Then i realized that my "best friend" is coming next week. PMS is knocking me. I found myself less energetic and too emotional. HAHAHAHA. 



FirDauS said...

weh makcik