Wednesday, 22 June 2016

A u-turn

Life is very much like the world under the big top filled with the unexpected, the exciting, and the terrifying part. It has been almost three weeks since I left my exciting job as a market economic analyst in one of biggest islamic bank. It's hard for me to tear myself away from the bloomberg, reuters and the dealing room itself after 1 year and 9 months. I had a great time being an analyst, get to expand my knowledge on economics, networking and helpful colleagues. In case my boss is reading this, Thank you very much for being a good listener, never failed to give me full support during my upside-down dealing with exams and the knowledge you had poured to me. I am so grateful:)

My emotions were all over the place , one moment I was thrilled to start my new job (well not so new to me), one moment I am just scared of what my future will look like.. Back to my old place, doing things I used to love. Yes I did. I made a u-turn to my old place. 

It can be tough to be proud of yourself without feeling as if you're boastful.. It's okay to admit that you did an amazing job on something or accomplished something you never thought you could. When you celebrate yourself and your achievements, you're focusing on the really good things about you and that's going to make self-love a lot easier. 

Happy 17th Ramadhan everyone! Cheers for a better future:)