Thursday, 28 August 2008

Product of 26 years

PAPA AND MAMA'S PRODUCT of 26 years.*SUGAR AND SPICE*Happy Anniversary!

i know,havent updated anything and i admit been so bz with family and has been so good for 3months without realising i have 2 weeks more before leaving on 15sept.pffft.i wish sept is next year but as i wish lah,i'll leave everything in 2 weeks more moshi moshi with mama la kan!fyi,tmrw will be my last day doing far audit has made my life challenging and i learnt so so many things although i often "ponteng".
oh well,i cannot imagine what will happen next in 2 weeks after i fly back,i will lost my happiness=friends.have been spending most of the time together(lepak and lepak)besides my family.its hard though.the much LOVIES (byk nak kena list nieh) will be missing again.i would never "lupa" the rest of u although we r thousand miles away :(
i've been pretty occupied.tmrw another lepak and lepak with friends.upload some of the pictures in my to upload in the blog :D there is no exciting hot gossips about me except im getting FAT n fat.cannot tahan lah.will do some diet during hoo;pp.
recently,i started to get together with my very good old days friend,yuyu.after years we didnt lepak like we used to ,finally we lepak almost every week.i still remember place we often lepak during highskool was KLCC and our spot was O3 and SUCHAN.u know zaman Hiphop-clan where everyweek ber"partying".LOLS.thosedays was super happening and when i think back,so so kelakar.its just we all now have grown up.yuyu darling,thankies fr all the nites we have spent.(chewah mcm bf),but i honestly enjoyed okaaayh.catching up some oldies stories,gossips and talking about fashion which i sgtlah LAMEEE!!
anyway,i got new pink dell from papa yg i idam-idamkan.remember i told yg i nak bodek?i didnt manage to bodek but i always hinted him.everynite before i sleep :D.he actually bought me new acer laptop earlier but then i didnt like it that much.bukan nyer i demanding but i want something cute to replace my old toshiba laptop yg dok mati2 nie.i tot i wont get it but he called me on wed at the office saying he bought me the laptop but in return,i kena bagi balik the acer he bought for me earlier.hahahha.alhamdulillah finally i got the pink dell.thank u papa.likewise mama always says this"so lepas nie kena la score in exam and dun dissapoint us"=>well okay BOSH!heeee:D
ramadhan is in 3 so excited bcoz i'll be celebrating the 1st ramadhan with papa and mama.did i mention that my baju raya has tailored made before i came back from dublin?its gold and this year,the whole family including cousins and aunties+uncles will wearing gold color.wont be around to wear but still excited to wear it and webcammie!
i blab too much didnt i?do browse,Yuyu's blog(,Lala(,Kema( and also Jezmine( to keep update their fashions.seriously kalu la i can bring back 100kg,i occupied my lugage with their superb stuff!loves it!
TTYL then:)


irresistable said...

we have a same dell pink laptop!

fAirY said...

OMG!!! Did I see it correctly?? st8 hair??? *giggles*

u look pweeetttyyyyy..........

Qilahlala said...

ohhh dear..list superolling under ur must buy too!! hahhaha too keep u updated! thee hee btw, nanti plan bukak puasa tgther tau!xoxo

Sabrina^ladeedah said...

babe did u straighten ur hair??

wow u got the pink dell! nice ooone=) maju pink lappies yeah!hehe

yuyu aziz said...

oh sweet nye kamu~ anyway people. she got her hair done curly tadi ok! and thank god sgt comel bouncy toin toin toin! next year u janji buat realxing straight kan? muahahhaha ;p