Thursday, 25 September 2008

breaking it

oh well,

breaking the curiousity of why im keeping myself silence for the past 2 weeks-> lost my lugage on the day i arrived in dublin.left my precious watch given by mama at heatrow(super sedih),my fedex package was stucked at irish custom and bla bla.its really torturing me.dugaan bulan puasa but alhamdulillah everything went well.oh,my class will starts next week.time running super fast and raya is less than a week.

honestly,i dun feel like celebrating eid this year. i probably in the class on the 1st raya and again i hate the feeling raya di perantauan as i possibly cry mcm org giler teresak2 especially when all raya songs being i wish dublin is next to my place=MALAYSIA.(dream on akma!)

these few days,ive been keeping myself occupied bcoz my level of homesick getting worst.the only thing i cud do is webcamming with parents and berjalan2 to friend's place.oh just got back fr jervis place.esah and bun are going back to Msia to celebrate raya tmrw.super jealous pls.its a diff feeling when u go bck for holidays and raya okaaayhhh.hish.i need my family and friends here pls:((

later watching my fav series ever-ever and the city.blogging while watching me,i enjoyed watching it.dramatic okaayhhh.

pssst:im working my butt to adapt facebook yg sometimes pening pls.heh;p



The Juicy Bunny said...

Sorry it's been a while since I last commented her. I did visit but too busy/lazy to comment! ;)

So how are you? Hope you you will be better soon. You can email me if you are free or if you need somebody to pot pet okay?

akmaelinda said...

thankies dear!