Saturday, 27 September 2008


i seemed like a goodie to shoe girl when i woke up early this morn on weekend??weekend always be the longest day to have beauty sleep ok!oh well,was so exhausted yday.i did so many things .did some cooking,laundrying and yada yada.yes,after weeks i arrived Dublin i finally have the guts to cook.rajin la pulak kan.nahh, home cook is healthy.

after fin berbuka,i had short chat with papa and mama talking about their raya uncle is going bck to kg today and so aunt on this yr i'l webcamming with my parents only pagi raya likewise but w/o my cousins yg notty:-0.atleast i can nangis in package mohon ampun without anyone teasing me:).hish.mmg byk dosa i nieh.too many.

i managed to bloghopping tgk-tgk friends' blog(advantage of morning wakie wakie).everyone seemed excited to celebrate this eid although fuel price increase and decrease during the year and others.i wish i would give anything up to go home and thats when im the happiest.nah nah.this is final year then i have another 1 year to fin up another level and im DONE after dat.i sound very emotional.excuse it.its just i cannot live w/o my loved ones.i need papa and mama everyday in my brat but i canttttt!!!!Just by staying at home and watching TV with papa&mama is enuf for me to keep smiling.heh.enuf dat ,before i cry mcm org giler i better get going.

bye now.