Monday, 8 September 2008

Quick update

I am too LAZY boom boom to update.oh well,quick update officially DONE wit my internship on 30aug.incase my senior auditor read this,thanks for the lesson and the cute pink pillow from all of u which i sure bwk balik Dublin.i know,i have few days before balik Dublin and its so hard for me to say bye-bye to my own sweeet home.i surely HOMESICK for another 1year.
Oh yea,i really had superb Ramadhan in KL.1st day wit parents r like RAHMAT that i cudnt say it and bazaar ramadhan?another superb esp Putrajaya and Ttdi plus Melawati and Melati.have to attend(like duth) so many berbuka and had chilis just now with aida,lind and asma'.next stop Planet and wednesday at Crown Princess Hotel.i really have BIG APPETITE for the sake i cnot eat all those feast in a year.well,thats about it.
btw,yuyu and i had our saloon moment(ok yuyu,not blonde moment).had permed my bloody frizzy hair after years.No-no way of getting it straight coz it against my crazy personality.hahaha;p

i'll update later then.i promise.SELAMAT BERPUASA everyone!