Saturday, 3 January 2009

Behind Enron scandal

I was incredibly amazed with Enron scandal which occurred years years ago.Then i came across Time's web page since i need to do some research of the scandal.I asked myself how could 89 years old firm like Andersen involved in the scandal and ended collapsed?It was big issue.Human being actually being keenly desirous.hurm.Is working as an auditor is the right career if i am inordinately desirous of wealth?Hahahaha;pp Aren't auditors supposed to scrutinize the financial report?Hurm let see if i am about to audit like designer's company(LV,Gucci,Micheal kors,Prada) then i'd think twice.hahaha.oh total craps.Behind the Enron scandal,David Duncan was one of the's some article about him.

Mr David Duncan

Duncan, who had overseen Andersen's Enron audit since 1997, was fired Jan. 15 for leading the document-shredding brigade--against company policy, according to official statements. His 15 minutes of fame, though, turned out to be less than five--that's the amount of time it took him to invoke the Fifth Amendment before a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee last Thursday. That brief appearance opened the door for the two Andersen executives, C.E. Andrews and Dorsey Baskin Jr., who claimed that they found it "appalling" that he seemed to manage the shredding "in anticipation of a government request for documents." Duncan, a 20-year Andersen veteran, initiated a rapid document-destruction campaign on Oct. 23, they said, the day after the SEC's Enron probe became public, and it lasted until Nov. 9, when Andersen received a subpoena. Duncan told House investigators that he believes officials at Andersen's Chicago headquarters tacitly encouraged shredding as early as September.

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