Sunday, 11 January 2009

A lilttle while...,

oh well.

I am too sluggish to update dun i? schedule was very pack this week.i stumbled at home yesterday working on audit assignment with tasha and shah.later at nite heading to suria's hse in city centre for makan2.nothing much this week except i started to be CRAZY HOMESICK again after a lil while.i cried everytime i saw ppl walking with the mother which reminds me Mama.i cried when i saw some pak cik just like Papa.i miss their presence,their harum semerbak smells,their nags,their laughs and every single thing.i can't take this anymore.considering to go home for good after graduating this year but who knows everything has been written by Allah.I just can berdoa to be more stronger.

Despite of missing ma & pa,i was bothered by stupid feelings which cause another tears.yes,i miss him.although i managed to stop myself from replying his sms and pick any of his call,i can feel he's still inside me and tried to ignore him for months just to keep the distance.honestly,im suffered of forgetting him and deleting him in my real life.even if i put extra guts to walk alone,he's still popped in my mind.i have to go through every phase of letting him go alone..u have no idea how horrible every phase i went through.we shared so many things together in 5 years.bitter and sweet..but im hurt throughout years we went through together.

I guess i have gone too much at this point.It takes me 2 years to forget and forgive.Yes yuyu,saya follow kata hati saya.Thank you for telling me not to rush.I understand that and saya sgt proud dgn awak.Congratulation.You got what u really want so much.Im proud to announce Nurul Huda @ Yuyu as Tv presenter yg termuah di hati saya!I luv u so much darling!Good Luck:)

akmaelinda yg sedang vulnerable:(


The Juicy Bunny said...

Hey sweetie, I hope you are alright there. Be tough you will come home before you realise it. Miss you ;)

Akmaelinda said...

i miss u too sweetheart!

hows work and thanks:)

The Juicy Bunny said...

Work has been really busy busy but I am enjoying it to the bitsss.


SyahirahSaid said...

makcik. dont la like dis. nnt i balik sana i bwk kan balik benda kepit utk karipap tu ok? hehehe.

take care.

yuyu aziz said...

dearest akma elinda,
thnk you for the wishes dear... kaki n tangan saye sgt sejuk, already masuk tv3. anyway, don't cry as it will only make u weaker darl... but pick a day in a week for u to super duper cry before u go to bed. u'll wake up happily after letting those sad feelings to ur lovely pillow... ;) wish u the best in belajar...

love u...

ps: this to cheer u up, I AM FAT ;) hahahah u can laugh now.. ;)

Akmaelinda said...

yea rite yu.
awakkkk sgt lawa and u have nice figure darling.unlike me,gemok YG CONFIDENT.whattt ta f***.hahaha.

muahs.saya nak catch up ur show!