Sunday, 18 January 2009

I miss...,

I miss....,

ecot,my proffesional photograpgher and skool gang who picked my prom dress when were 17.

mimie,my crazy gang since 14.she's married though!

another skool gang who getting married soon,my bestie syikin.

sports gang since 12.two of em married(L-R:mai,syapha,syariza)
si-sengals.being around with her make me "sengals"

the girls,beauty with brain.u know who-lah!

nite life with the babes.imagine,every weekdays nite with em..

ts council.kenduri and lepaking is a must.Meen and Amir getting engaged this week.
kick ass gf.everyweek is wajib futsal.ouch.we r so pinkish,dun we?

the girls who always cherish the friendship.Alhamdulillah still holding on for 6 years:)
the schweeetsss.they r my choco on top of my ice-cream. sleepover wajib pls!

bestie who made me study and passed exams!we shared wedding dreams & shopping.

akmar and aysha.the fab A's=shopping partners.

darling butterflies.

attending weddings with all the pouting around.
i miss thosedays doing this and that.the glory of friendship.alhamdulillah with all the sincerity,we r still holding on.rinduuuuuuuuuuu pls!
p/s:being emo.missing the "life" i used to have.its just fun.missing every bits.
shooooooooooooottt.i hate this!


The Juicy Bunny said...

Dont worry babe. You will get home soon. I will surely write this type of post by next month :(

jannac said...

mimie dah kawin ker?wah tak tau pon

Akmaelinda said...

yan:i wish im home now okk hun!benciiiii ddk sini!

jan:yes darl.she dah year i worries,my wedding u r in my list!

~Meen~ said...

eLyn syg..dun wury i'll upload my engagement pichas for u kayh!

But,tungguuu..after 25th Jan yah!
Miss u beb.

qilah said...

awwwww.. rindu kamu juga!!! happy for nazmin tau!!! hehe

~Meen~ said...

Time kaceh..lovelies..muah!!!