Sunday, 10 June 2012

Loving Sunday

Dear You,

They say?

We always laugh,we always quarrel over the phone,we always make fun of each other,we always tease one and another,we always remind each other to lose weight,we always remind  each other how much calories we consume everyday,we always discuss on current issues,we always want to compete on how fit we can run but we never work out together,we always tell each other hows our day so far,updating whatnot and we always "kaypooochi" on little things.

But really, we NEVER have our relationship talk for the past 265 days (roughly).You always said,"I know when you are sad,when you sulk,when you upset and when you are happy.I have the instinct."

And you know what,leading up to this day,I never realized when you are unhappy,when you are making your silly jokes trying to cheer me up.I never knew you could understand me more than I do but You has remained faithful.

I never realized that we are growing day by day and working towards something better.Time flies really quick.With all the efforts you have done and given,THANK YOU for always bear with my various of emotions and never give up easily.

Here's something I would love to tell you how grateful I am to have you around although I can't literally tell you verbally :-

I hate when you tell me how slim I was thosedays,
I hate when you tease me,
I hate when you imitate whatever I've said,
I hate when you never replied when I said "MISSSSS",
I hate when you captured my ugliest picture,
I hate to call you millions of times and you still sleeping,
I hate when you burp on the phone like nobody business,
I hate when you said my volume was too high talking to you on the phone,
I hate when you are trying to make me blushing,
I hate when you want to sparring with me to annoy me.


You made me fall in love with you everyday and I never had the chance to say this to you.


I can't stop smiling seeing your good old days picture back in RMC.You were so comot back in school.I always wish we have known each other 10 years back.

You are my world,my everything,reason to breathe,chocolate on top of my ice-cream,a whipped cream on top of my mocha,rainbow to my sky,colour of my world,you are my shoulder to cry on and you are music to my song.I never thought that a person I consider a stranger is literally a person I can trust and rely on.

I love you Baby :)