Sunday, 24 June 2012

Absolutely Bliss

"What screws up us most in life is the picture in our head of how it's supposed to be"

So darling,keep on dreaming and even if it breaks your heart and the dream jeopardized.

But I am more keenly aware, now more than ever, that to live a life of faith and to see that faith fail to transpire in any tangible way would be a terrible waste.



Amazing weekend I had for the past 2 weeks.I have always plan for my weekend to keep me occupied.Life is very busy and fulfilling. Last week,I participated in Treasure Hunt organized by the Bank to Penang.Long journey to North with my two Zs( Zara & Zaza) plus Shyam.God knows how tired we were to find the answers for the hunt despite the drama along the journey.

The main purpose of the trip was not just for the hunt,we went for Food Feast which add on additional pounds and calories.Stuffed with Nasi Kandar Beratur,Nasi Kandar Hameedeyah and Sup Hameed,I am content with the companies (Zara,Zara and Shyam).

We managed to get 41st place out of 125.We even almost surrender because the challenge was tough but with the spirit,we decided to continue the journey up straight to Penang!Awesome trip with the Blondes and Shyam who is going to hop to Investment Bank soon.

I thought I am done with the food,but yesterday,I had Nasi Arab at Syahirah and Zack's wedding reception.Again,there goes my calories consumed and I can't wait to be back on treadmill tomorrow .To be frank,I am all out for the past 2 weeks.The next thing I know,I put on weight.*Sigh*.

Anyways,Congrats to my dearest Grafton girl and NMS boy, Syahirah and Zakuan.

Marwan & I

Azza & The Couple


Here's some pictures taken from the Bank's talented photographer; -

The price I have to bear for being eating too much and ditch my diet:-

Chubby cheeks & double chin