Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Hope -2013

The only moment I have is now, and the only beginning I have is this one. There will never be another beginning exactly like this one. I will never again be able to come back to my past. I am mentally prepared to face the phase which I can foresee there will be upside down.Obviously its not changing on new job but something I have decided after taking sometime to really think what life has to offer and I won't mess it again.

I can't really tell now.Each new year comes with new breakthrough and new history.4 months before the expiry date as quoted by my parents.Hoping that 2013 will be the new beginning to everything.Bear with me until end of this year.Been proposed?Not exactly.Dive right in and show everyone how happy I can be in future with His blessings.

 It's the mindset that I take on every time I am on the brink of something new, something both thrilling and a little bit terrifying.With an open mind and prayers,I believed,this will lead me to a better one and at least giving the chance to myself to live without any fear and tears.Eventually I found myself is ready for everything.It takes time, but it will happen.I am not guaranteed positive answer in return but I determine to do it.

I only have one life to live anyway.Its about time.The clock is ticking and August has passed.I felt out of place and wasn't sure whether or not it was the right fit for me to decide on this.As I plan to embark on this new journey of life,I am spending a lot of time thinking about how I can make most of it and overcome the negative situation.I am doing my best to focus on good things in life.I did ask Mum on this matter and she went:-

Me: Should I?

Mum: I think you should.

Me: What if the thing turn me down and I will end up crying a bucket?

Mum: When you have decided and it did not turn perfectly,refer to HIM.He has the something better for you.

Me: It was hard for me to decide and in fact I have no other options.I just feel its the right time.The more I want to hang on to them, the more miserable I can be.

Mum: Have you prayed Istikarah?

Me: Couple of times but I haven't got any clue.

Mum: Keep on praying and never stop asking from Him.If Allah permits it,He'll show you the way.