Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Greatest Pleasure

When you have been using the same car since 2007, the pleasure of driving your 22nd Birthday gift and spent so much time together through ups and down(especially when the car broke down,tyre went flat), you don't fancy to drive another car. 

But as much as you love the precious gift ( which so many memories) instilled,I must bear car/machineries are depreciating when it grows older.When dad told mum he wanted to change my car,I refused.Of course,I am not the one who pay for the monthly instalment but its just I think my car is still in good condition.


I spent this past weekend at home thinking to consider my parents offer after 3 months.Mum wants to opt for Honda instead of Toyota.I wouldn't mind any car as long I can afford to pay for the fuel since they are paying for monthly instalment.I travel 60km per day to office and my job requires me to go for site visit and meeting.So I am more comfortable to drive fuel-saving car.Mum dragged me to Honda show room last week in PJ which I didn't expect her to be so sweet and in the same time persuade me to change my 5 years old car.

When I first entered the show room,I was literally frustrated to see new Civic model.I didn't fancy the new design.It's not my type at all.I mean, they totally cope the back design similarly to Accord except for the lamp.


And to top it off, there was City model park next to Civic which I was fancy to see new design although some might say it does look like Proton Persona.I just think City is my favourite besides the sporty design ( I can imagine myself like mak cik (aunties) driving Civic).

 I ended up seeing City model, took the short test drive and spent my evening admiring Honda City.Mum was cringe looking at me so into the car than the initial plan to buy me new Honda Civic.She rang dad who was in Kelantan that time.

Mum - "Papa, your daughter wants City instead of Civic.She thinks City suits her better.".

Dad- "Why?I thought we prefer Civic.It's bigger than the VIOS. Can we go for Honda Insight instead?"

Me ( took the phone) - "Pa, I do think City is way suits me than Civic.I don't prefer Insight.I just want the same car like my Vios or else,I don't want to change any car until I afford to buy my own Mini Cooper."

We hung up.

and days later, we booked the City car for real.

I couldn't have imagined spending my last weekend with my-so-many-memories car. Hard to believe the car is out by next week.

It is just around the corner, but I've been thinking, I should have demanded for Mini Cooper ( well both disagreed). Plus the monthly instalment for City is pretty much the same like my old car. Atleast they can save up some $$$$ for my future.*talking about future plan*