Sunday, 11 November 2012


Ahhh getting up early to get to the gym is my favourite way to start the day. If only because I know that our post-workout coffee relaxation session awaits us. They make the working out...worth it.

I have to admit that I miss being sportswoman.I used to play numerous of games back then.10 Years after leaving high school,the only sports I play regularly is Futsal. It's only on the rare occasion since I join the Bank.

 I find it to be the best to join some sports activities rather than only stick to my gym session everyday. Usually, to me, it feels like it's the most boring routine to stay indoor exercise.Engaging in vigorous and sweaty sports/exercise triggers the release of feel good chemicals in the brain - serotonin,adrenaline and endorphins and has been shown to greatly improve mood.Regular exercise helps to reduce depression.

That was until I got inspired by my dad who asked me to get involve again with outdoor sports,out on the deck,in the sun.  I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get involve again in sports .So, just recent,when the Bank organized the internal Volleyball tournament, netball and futsal tournament, I decided to buckle up and go for it. Syukur we were champion except for netball, we won 2nd prize.

The combinations of various departments in the Bank made us win! And they were all so incredibly great .I could really mix it with them although some of them have been in the Bank for zillion years and experienced.That's what makes it so awesome.



I've grown up with football / soccer .Dad is so passionate and used to play football for entire life until he had to stop playing due to health condition.It's something my dad and I have shared in common and something I plan on passing along as a tradition onto my future children. Well of course,they can play Barbie( if all of them are girls).

Hahaha...I might consider to ask them to join cheerleaders team so they'll be supporting the other sister playing soccer!