Friday, 11 January 2013

Little life secret

I fell madly and deeply in love with him, you can call it cliche, but that's what happened. The way we'd talk every single day, how he`d notice every little thing I do or say.It happened really quick when we 1st been introduced.Just right on time during the time I intended to mend my broken heart.It came to a point where I broke down my barriers and let him in, but it wasn't easy because we were both two complicated people.We both had pathetic love life episodes which really jeopardized us.The thing about this relationship,we were still unsure of what we were, if we were actually a couple or not.

So the pushing and pulling away in our relationship continued, until it came to a point that we just couldn't work it out anymore, I know I loved him, and still do actually as a friend. I've never met a guy who's more patient to me than him especially when my PMS hormones starts to kick in.He was once a stranger and ended as a stranger to me again.

I couldn't blame him for letting go. I think I pushed him too hard that he had no choice but to just give up on this relationship.The clock is ticking.Even if we want to reconcile back,there is no space to fit in anymore.I just think i can't spend the whole entire life waiting and wasting another year of nothing because every second you waste in everyday of your life,you will loose the chance to live in this amazing world.

I've seen love die way too many times.I remember when I went for my 2nd Umrah trip.I cried in front of Ka'abah,asking God to give me the direction and whether is he the one.In fact, I prayed that one day,he will be my husband and lead me to Jannah.I just can't stop mentioning his name every time I pray.But God knows what He has written for me.He took away the feelings and tested me in so many ways again.