Sunday, 27 January 2013


Someone who is genuinely happy now, on the inside, is very likely to be happy in the future, regardless of his or her situation.You can see or do something million a million of times to be happy,but you can see or do it for the first time.First time experiences usually leave a reflective mark in our minds for the rest of our lives.

Though I have not looked to marriage for happiness, I have searched for it in people, places, things, and experiences and, while I have had fleeting moments of joy with these external sources, I believe there is a greater, deeper happiness that lies within me.

Because I am not and have not ever been married, I cannot comment on that aspect personally. But from an objective single person point of view, it seems like there is a lot of pressure put on finding happiness within a marriage. While, yes, some couples are definitely happy, I don't think it is healthy to rely on a situation (marriage) or a person (your spouse) for your happiness. The expectations people put on finding happiness elsewhere, whether it be in a marriage, in a new job, in a new place -- often only lead to disappointment (and, when other people are involved, resentment). People often spend their entire lives seeking something that, if access properly, has been in them all along. 

It's pretty hard to predict the future, and predicting the future of our emotional states may be no different.As for me,when my parents urged me to be serious serious with my future relationship and they want me to settle down this year,I am completely confused and blank.My parents always saw the glass half full -- maybe even more than half full, while I spent time whining about how the glass was half empty. The question is ,does marriage life promise me ever after happiness?What does it takes to build a family institution?Living with a stranger and waking up to the same face who you called a husband?

But then again,people have varying degrees of happiness and, unless they make a conscious effort to change their own happiness, they are likely to stay at the same level, regardless of what happens to them or around them.Thinking about the future of happiness, be it in myself or in others, has made me realize just how important it is to be responsible and complete myself as a human being especially as a muslim.The objective of marriage is to enable us to dwell in peace and tranquility.As stated by Prophet Muhammad, " men and woman are twin halves of each other".

I honestly don't know if I have an answer to this.I would love to have beautiful marriage life than being single.I am starting to accept this more, this idea that life is short. Perhaps it is because I am getting older; perhaps it is because I'm getting wiser. For whatever reason, I feel like I can't seem to remind myself enough just how precious life is to build a family and beautiful house with love.

As often as I write about and spend time exploring the concept of happiness, you might be surprised to hear that sometimes happiness actually scares me. When I come across those moments when I'm feeling so deliriously happy that I can't stand it.I will definitely share in my next post.To be perfectly honest,its too quick and I am trying to digest with unexpected things.I'm not going to doubt the happiness I feel now.

I pushed all of the doubts from my mind, all of the "what ifs" and all of the "buts" and I just let the happiness lay down beside me. I pushed myself against it and let myself for once! relax by its side. And, you know what? 

This doesn't happen for me very often.I woke up this morning and thought about it, I realized that I went through a little process before I was able to actually accept the happiness I was feeling...

What matters is that it's real, it's happening, and I'm finally, finally allowing another heart to fill in the emptiness.