Sunday, 13 January 2013

Loving Sunday

"No yesterdays are ever wasted for those who give themselves to today."
Brendan Francis

There's no getting around the fact that every single day won't be lovable. Life is challenging and there are simply going to be days that cannot be labeled "great", but that doesn't mean we shouldn't give it our best shot to try to love each and every day. I think it's perfectly okay to realize that not every day will be great or even good , but I don't think it's okay not to at least give every day a chance. I've definitely had some days that seemed like they would be awful and then transformed into some of the best days I've ever had.

A single moment can turn your life around and it only takes a second for day to turn from god-awful to glorious (and, yes, it can go the other way too).We can't make every day perfect, but we can give it the best head-start possible.I've never, ever been able to 100% predict what would happen to me on any given day. So when a day seems destined for dismal, take a moment and indulge in a little hope.A little hope to begin new life.2013 will be a great year although here are days when hope seems as likely as a fairy tale.

Life's too short not to love every day you're alive, but I think we often forget to love our days. Too often we forget that this life isn't a given and that even when we're in a slump or a funk or a place of pain, we're all pretty lucky to be here. Every day I must wake and must go on with my life so why not make an effort to love it? 

The little things that count to make my sunday little special is waking up happily and cheerfully to think how amazing life turned out to be.Wake up believing that your day will hold something magical and unexpected.There are a lot of things in any given day that I didn't expect it was perfectly presented.Things have happened to me that I didn't understand at the time, but that ended up being really great for me.Just great.

Thank you Allah for the blessings after days,months and years of living.Its time to shine.InsyaAllah.