Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hi February

Somehow I have ended up my January by finding multiple things that I could happily have in my life. Make world a better place.January left with lots of amazing things.

Happy February! I hope you guys have had a great start to the second month of the year! It's gotta be a great month when it's starts on a Friday. I had a great start of February in Kota Kinabalu,Sabah for Business Banking Convention held at Nexus Karambunai located 30 mins from KK International Airport.

 I am loving the fact the 3 days were well spent since I am one of the committee organizing such a big event for the Bank.Business banking all across Malaysia were there.As for us,in Corporate Banking, 2012 was challenging.In fact, knowing the fact Business Banking contributed 67.2% of total Bank's income are making me more happier.Big Bonus this month?I am not sure,a little hope and whatever it is,whether its FAT or maintain the same as last year,its a reward for the handwork.

Last year, I spent way too much of my time wishing and dreaming that I was somewhere else.I remember in February,i was extremely excited to perform Umrah with parents.Then, I was struggling to stay present in my life.I found myself constantly worrying about the future or dwelling on the past particularly struggled  with letting go of the past.I have been spending a lot on thinking last year.

Lately, However, my life has been tremendously changed. Its worth of waiting and patience is really a virtue :)

Some of my favorite moments:

Live to be happy, live to do what you like, 
live in freedom.

Happy Chinese New year to those who are celebrating!