Saturday, 2 March 2013

Every so often everyone at my office receives a call from head hunter to fill up the market out there.Especially when you're a corporate banker,your opportunities out there is very wide.Being a corporate banker after 3 years,I have my targets and ambition to grow in the industry when you know you're marketable.Its the time to hop to another bank and find new exciting things to learn.Working in a small bank where everything is under one roof,I have learned a lot even some of the things I have to do is beyond my job description.Just recent when I got a call from Robert Walters for the position as senior RM in another bank,i get lil bit excited.I went for the casual talk with the consultant and tell her what is my expectations with the new bank.I would love to explore new environment and I'm aware adapting with then new environment will takes some time to adapt.

I love my current surroundings,work life although I got caught up with zillions of work to do and deal with.Bosses are so helpful and supportive.To be honest,i am very comfortable working in a small bank where i get to manage big portfolios and handling complicated + tedious accounts especially property development sector.Never in my imagination that one day,I get the compliments from big bosses and corporate clients.Its my satisfaction.But then again,come to think " I HAVE TO GET OUT FROM MY COMFORT ZONE",I have to move on.