Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Happier and Healthier

I remember so many things from my past life. Was I depressed? For the first time, I think I'll actually admit that I was truly in a very deep depression for about 2 years of my life.I never knew what was truly wrong with me. And if I didn't know, I'd never steer the discussion in that direction.

All I knew was that I thought the world was a bad place and I was deeply unhappy with life in general. I thought the only person in the world who was any good was myself. My ego was the size of the Pacific Ocean. I had/have a great deal of natural talent intellectually, and have always done.

But, for whatever reason, two years ago something inside me demanded a change and I started working on living a more stable life.I found my inner peace throughout my journey to lead my life beautifully.If you want to live a truly positive life, you must be surrounded by positive influences. Ask from God.The only way to go about learning to love yourself is to invest time in it.To pray to the almighty.

Once you've rid your life of doing things that make you unhappy, you'll suddenly have a lot more free time on your hands. What to do with that all that free time? Spend it doing things you absolutely love to do. Take a moment to think about the times you are the happiness. What are you doing during those times? It doesn't matter if it's a silly thing or something that other people don't quite get.It is you who decides for yourself.

Happy fasting everyone!Don't forget to hit the gym to sweat in case what you consume food more than usual.Fill your time at night by reciting Quran to earn more blessings.This is the only time to get closer to Him.The way you see your world around is your choice.


Love always.