Saturday, 15 February 2014


You never know when love might strike or steal. It’s usually when we aren’t looking for it that it finds us.

I was brooding over another breakup last year and I was unhappy in so many aspects of my life—my relationships, my choices, my inner emotional state. I'd tried everything I could think of to be happier and when those things didn't work, I decided to keep my fairytale and live in my unhappy state. 

Over the past six months, my life has changed considerably. I've moved. I've changed most part of myself. I've changed habits. I am, in so many ways, a different person. A better person. And so much of that has to do with positive influence on my life.I am no longer crying over the weekend mourning over my relationships, thinking about future and finding ways to make myself happier.

 Puzzle pieces of my life that always seemed to be getting lost or pushed into the wrong spaces are now fitting together perfectly, snapping into place and creating this complete and beautiful picture of who I am today.Much to my own surprise, I started crying through my big, cheeseball smile. I was so happy that I was crying. I'd heard of tears of joy, but I'd never before experienced them. This is when I learned that a great love really can make you cry with joy and fill your heart with an surprisingly tear-jerking happiness.