Saturday, 4 April 2015

Negative to Positive

Where I live it's been unfortunately gloomy lately. Dealing with the cloud-filled skies and dipping into hot weather during the day then comes the heavy rain after.While pondering this, I realized that the reason they get me down is because it is on these days because i think too much. Deep thoughts every single day.I feel hopeless, lost, and unhappy. There was one of the days, i forgot to lock my house, left office and got a call from my parents that I didn't lock everything before leaving. The first question mum asked, " do you have a problem?" 


So I began looking through the daily routine. What I do everyday from Monday- Sunday besides working. Do I have an issue with work. Obviously No. Do I stress with my exam preparation coming up, the answer Not really. Do I have an issues with my surroundings. Nope. So what in the world is happening with myself? How could I forget things which i do everyday. So i figure out something to overcome my hopeless and lost feeling. A tune to positive thinking. being hopeful and believing that, even when things aren't going well, they will get better. 

How To Turn Negatives Into Positives

 Avoid ultimatums

Think through obstacles

Speak positively

Reach out to those who think positively

Focus on what you are good at

Force or encourage yourself to smile and/or laugh

Engage in activities that decrease stress

Journal positive thoughts

Do some shopping!! 

As anyone who has been in a situation where they are positive and others are negative knows, it can be very hard not to be dragged down into the pool of negativity. But, with the tips I've listed here, you should be able to tackle negative situations and people with a solid set of tools that will help you cope. Good luck!