Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Accept the reality

You have the freedom to make so many choices in your life , good or bad, wise or foolish. You can choose between alternative paths that affect your whole life and those of others. Hence with freedom comes big responsibility. Free will means having the power to make conscious choices. It means being awake at the wheel while you drive through your life.  Like it or not, its all depends on you.Are you free to do what your heart tells you? Are you living your true purpose in life with joy and enthusiasm?

 Some are locked up in their past while some others are tied to an emotional baggage that weighs them down. Like myself, I have been emotionally down and locked myself into my past for very long time which end up breaking my heart again and over again. Somehow,I found myself unable to get past of my negative emotions and move forward in life. I became incapable of facing reality without the veils and illusions of the self-centered ego and this causes so much suffering and stress until one day I realized that everything was written and I have to accept regardless...

Acceptance does not mean giving up or surrendering to life so as to be dragged around or trampled over.Accepting means letting go of the emotional baggage and opening your heart to a richer and broader experience of life. An open heart can give you a full life that an open mind alone cannot.  I remember after my bad break up in 2011 and every new relationships I entered failed, I did ask myself " why is this happening to me again and again. What did I do to deserve this?"...

and so, 

I learned from my failure. I realized I have no control in everything in my life. Failure is good for you to learn because this is only a natural cycle of life.  I regained focus and perspective of my true purpose in life. Of course we don't accept things because our mission in life is not clear and so we mistake simple shortcomings for true loss. For instance, if you have a crush on your friend and you figure out that he/she is in a relationship. Its ok to feel sad but hey, accept the rejection. Failure happens and some things are out of control. You'll find more better person and embrace your life without trying to classify the event or criticize it. Just let it be.. The best is yet to come :)

I know it’s not always easy to accept whatever dire circumstances come your way. I also know that some things are harder to accept than others. I’ve been there many times. But once you let the power of acceptance to work in your life, you will unleash so many positive effects that it’s hard to let it go once it touches your heart.  

Good night xx!