Saturday, 2 May 2015

Admitting that I'm HAPPY!

I woke up thinking about the idea of being happy. For me, it used to be a pretty hard thing to admit. Reading through my  journals, I read things like: "I'm so happy right now, but I know that will end soon" or "It's been a good day, which only means a bad one will be coming up." I would have days of happiness but I would always have this "I'm happy, but..." attitude. As I got older I found it was easier to embrace the happiness when it came. I still believed that bad things were just around the corner, but I was so thrilled whenever I experienced any true happiness that I was more than happy to sit with it, to bask in it, and not worry as much about the future. Happy was like this thing that visited me every once and awhile. It was wonderful when it stopped by, but it wasn't there for long. I learned to accept its visits with utter elation and joy (and, also, disbelief most of the time), and I thought that was enough. It is finally May. May is super pack with weddings and last night I attended a wedding filled with laughter and amazing cousins.I love the bond between the cousins and family how they can spice up your wedding! Well, its a long weekend to lay back and sit. Have a fab weekend everyone and do admit that you are happy even deep inside you there are little unhappiness. Enjoy while you still can!