Sunday, 17 May 2015

Possible life at every moment

The people around you play a significant role in shaping who you become. I strive to become happy in whatever I do.I see happiness as the path towards living my best life .I am quite lucky to have friends/ colleagues to treasure journey together through my upside down although sometimes they just sick of listening to my never ending single-life story because it's just "stressful" and "taking things too hard".  I can look at how strong I became from dealing with a lot of situations that other people are never faced with. I can find the good in the bad and that makes the present a much happier, liveable place.. 

Live in the moment!! So last Friday, we had this fitting session at Najjah boutique in Kota Damansara. No- no I didn't  give up my career to become a model. Its just we had this occasion which required us to donning muslimah clothes next week. I am pretty much excited to participate in this event organised by the Bank. Playing with the clothes, colours and of course these 2 pretty ladies/ bond traders made me want to slim down bit to join their xs- small club. LoL. I'll update more on the event next week. Meantime, have an amazing weekend folks.  Till my next post!