Monday, 22 June 2015

A wake up call.

Not too long ago ( approx 4 days ago), I found myself in the middle of a terrible, not a good day and screwed everything. Everything seemed to be going wrong and my mind would not stop returning again and again to negative thoughts and envisioning worst-case scenarios. It was one of those days when I felt like, no matter what, I couldn't stop ruminating on what had/could go wrong and I felt far, far away from the present moment. I was so upset and broke down. I blamed myself for the failure. Hmmmph. I struggled handling my terrible day and it took days until now to remember the moment I opened my result.

 I know, I know, some of you are probably cringing at the" what result" you are talking about? Remember few months back I was talking about my exam preparations for the license I have to attempt. I failed those 4 papers. My heart was broken to see my results. But yea, come to think back the day I felt I'm a loser, I have forgotten that " it's not my rezeki yet"... Maybe, Allah wants me to learn from my mistakes and fully understand treasury itself. 

When it comes to speaking my mind about disappointment, I'm really good at doing this professionally and really bad at doing it personally. No professional disappointment will slip by undiscussed, but I have a difficult time speaking up when it comes to personal disappointment. Arghhh so much in my mind now...At the very least, facing disappointment can make you a stronger person who is honing his or her skills at looking for the positive in even the most difficult of situations.. So here I am, a toast for myself. Stay strong and lets do this again without giving up!!!!