Wednesday, 2 April 2008


moshi moshi.

hilman has safely arrived in mecca to perform his umrah.he called me before his flight but didnt manage to pick up coz im in the class.he sent me an sms saying "i pegi dlu,mintak maaf ..".so i cried.its like end of the world ok when someone u closed to for years sending u such sms.well,he text me today saying his 1st stop would be mecca then madinah n seterusnyer.seronoknyer when u have oppurtunity to go to holy land.i went to mecca when i was 9 but i wanna go at this age.tapi sapa nak sponsor?heh;p.atleast ur hati become "clean and clear".fullstop.

for the past 6 months,im addicted to caffeine and sewaktu dgn nyer since im in dublin.i always need "them" to make me awake.but pls,it didnt work all the way. one thing abt caffein,it will not help u to detoxify ur wonder i gain weight.alot la.thinking of detoxifying after exam.exam's progress went well except these few days,im not feeling dat well.tekak sakit nak matisss!!

gtg for now.need beauty sleep.
kan best kalu ader mcd 24hrs in dublin:(