Monday, 7 April 2008


I had diarrhoea since friday until yday.seksa-nak-nangis lah temporary place was"toilet".this morn i woke up,kena feveri-sho sho-sakit.ok,god is testing me.exam is in 3 weeks..never have time to sit and read smp 6am ke haper.ha ha.insyaallah will *put extra-double* to study.well,mama's laptop wasnt function she called me saying dat we coulndt webcam for a while till papa fix it.okayh lagi la nak nangis.btw,tasya is taking care of me while im sick.perhaps,she should be a doctor.ha ha..i dok count my days until i come home.malaysiaaaaaa..haish.sbr-sbr.

btw,can someone culik her for me pls?i miss this girl so-so nak mati.i need her..i reward 2 euro whoever yg can bring her next to me.serious.its an offer:)

cik lala my butterflies,i suka sgt ur postcard fr veitnam.i miss u sweetheart.i nak balikk to c u okayh!jeles u can go ajak i to vietnam pun;p(referring to papa n mama)perhaps,once we become aunty lala,aunty akmaelinda,aunty aysha,aunty umi and aunty kema-we can go womanly shopping in vietnam.ha ha.=> u.

im moving my ass.i need to take paracetamol.applied to doctors jer yg tau all this.ha ha.
missing everyone.LALALALA