Thursday, 17 April 2008

Hati *sigh*

i know i shouldnt blogging but im so need this*blog* to emphazise my feelings now.i have a bad day during this week and its painful.very bad lah.Ya ALLAH i need strength here.amin.

well,all the assignments result haf released and i seriously disastified it.the blame all on me for sure.bcoz i did on my own some of it.its my mistake that i tot assignments mcm kacang but it turned like s**t.i seriously need to pack my books and struggle for the finals.haaaaaaaaa.

wish all the friends back in msia are here to boost my motivation level and make me wanna study more and more..for god sake,i have to put the whole HATI to my studies at the mo.i forbid myself to think about my get -a -away and watsoever related to done.

hati sudah berkata and sedih.


LaLa said...

babe!!! dun worry too much sure everythin will b fine... i miss u sooo much!!!!! muah muah

mynn said...

akma dearie~

gudluck in ur c0ming exam k ;D

nad said...


goodluck in your exam..
dont stress out too much k..

superumi said...

im counting d days till ure in my arms *wink*

i missh u darl..