Monday, 14 April 2008



im still waiting for the pillow to col.couldnt sleep.i sound like having just my sleepyhead never arrive few weeks time,i wont have time to update.exams in 2 weeks time.i always have this panic epidemic during this time so i better keep myself in track.moreover,have to juggle,struggle and all those jingle thingy in studies which make me have to stop blogging for a blogs,friendster,fb and ym-ing except with the parents.

btw,i received a call from pwc malaysia last tuesday regarding internship.i couldnt think and undecided to do or not.its just im scared i wont spend my quality time with the bestest friends and loving family.hurm..still thinking and hopefully i'll find the way.

till then.

p/s:will start blogging after 8 May.OFFICIALLY being un-skool and want to BERJALAN-jalan hokey.

pls pray for my success and wish me luck!