Sunday, 19 April 2009

Dedicate to Ashikin

Kin yayangs,

Congratulation in advance dearest best friend.9th May is so near!Thank u for inviting MamaPapa to ur wedding.They r so excited to attend it on my behalf.Sedihnyer,i wasnt there for u to sit next to mase akad nikah.To nangis2 and happy in package during ur big day.Im glad after 13 years be-friends,u r now becoming wife.Soon ader baby pulak.I'll miss ur cheeky and gediks anak daras.Im sure u r feeling the jitters.ok,chill tau!I doakan u ok yangs.Rindu:(


your dearest best friend since 10 yg suka gaduh2,jerit2,lempang2,cubit2,shopping,buat menda tak senonoh,tak puasa makan mcd,lepak2 after school,pkbm laut,gossips,taking pics,gayots on the phone,combining our name:LINKIN, and meng-gediks with u!


wish im home now.tak payah sedih.pfft.

ok taa.xm in 9 days.Ya Allah,apa malas sgt nie.


Ashikin said...

akma syg, thank u for ur sincere thoughts on ur blog. biasalah aku, minah air mata. dah meleleh dah ni. xpe nanti ko blk sini kita celebrate carik nasi minyak umah pengantin lain, kita buat as if aku nye majlis la ek :P

ko nk exam ni study btol2 n buat btol2 k.. im sure u can do it!!! n btw its 7 days to go. myt journey as anak dara will end up here. let alone all the memories we had remain in our minds for us to still remember our childhood stories. we had big fight but dat makes us closer than anyone else.. love u!