Monday, 6 April 2009


Quick update before taking shower! had another birthday party at Grafton Hall last weekend..Coffe-ing with Fairy,Marwan and Els.This month too many April's baby.Happy birthday Ayman:)

Ok,Mr flying has finally fly with the wings.Good Luck in ur endorsement and become good pilot!Berg,nnt i pk nak join ur trip k?It will cost me alot if hop here and there.kena kipas my dad dlu!cant wait to hang out with u and zeileen,Fairy,Paris Jgn lupa,EXAM in 3 weeks time.oooommmmmmyyyygooddd.Stumbled in front of Hilman's fb.I know,this is so controversy.Arrghh no,i just saw his pics in Bali.ok tu jer.Past is always past isn't it?

Akma wants to take shower.Can u smell stinks over there?Teee heee;p

Nite Lovies!


Juicy said...

Oh babe. The video is so sweet. It is so entertaining!

Say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him ;)


fAirY said...

sweet nye vids utk ayman! tp nape la abg din ckp lama sgt. hahahaa... :p

zeileen said...

me cant wait to hang out wit u too...cannot focus study u knoe keep beranganing jek to go there hahahah