Saturday, 11 April 2009

Good Friday.Yea right!

I had perfect good friday in the class since 9 am in the morn until 5 pm(if its apply for good friday which we suppost to have hols)Is all about tax today!name it,VAT,CGT,CT.Final week of classes and done+2 weeks to prepare for the exam.Hope i can get through all this with patience.InsyaAllah.

Met Dr Ranbir and his wife at their clinic in Clontarf.Was a nice morning to c both of them.As far as i know their family were very close to papa and mama back in Msia.Fyi,i cooked them Nasi Lemak okaaayhh.Believe it or not,i can become mak cik nasi lemak.Dr Ranbir was really excited when i told him i cooked nasi lemak for him..Glad i met Papa's best friend after years..Her wife cant stop talking about how close the family with Papa and awal2 dah book papa for this coming November!.ok now,im missing my cinta hati,Papaaaaaaaa;(

Just had 30 mins talking to Papa and Mama .They r off to Pahang attending wedding.Chit chat here and there.Updating.Mama just bought the fabric for this year 's Eid.Yeay!Cant wait to be made up!Puasa ganti pun blom I nie..Over ok pasal baju raya pls.Haishh.In the other hand,Papa was even excited after i met Dr Ranbir and wife.Couldnt stop saying Dr Ranbir's family have good manners.Yadayadayada.Likewise la kan,long old stories...Haha;p

As i browsed Fb,i stumbled at his page.a man i used to treasure life together for years.I didnt mean to stalk and checked on him.I saw the status was Something Is Missing.I wonder what is that supposed to mean.Auntie Noriah popped into my mind.Yes this 16.04 gonna be her 2 years of remembrance.Auntie,Akma misses u now and then.Moga Allah tempatkan auntie di kalangan org beriman.Al fatihah.Sorry Auntie,i didnt fulfill ur wish.

Towards my exam,i really hope to get rid all problems which arose me.Pls wish saya luck.Thanks yuyu for being my ter-muah.In case dearest Aysha reading this,i miss ur company cik kak.i swear,i miss u mcm org giler!Ok,blogging fr my cozy bed.Nak tdo!

Nite and Happy Easter.



SyahirahSaid said...

Makcikkk goodluck! Study hard. GAMBATE!~