Saturday, 4 April 2009


Examsss,i HATE PROCRASTINATING.haish.ok,have to move the butt from Facebook and Blogs or else im dead tak study2.Akma is endeavoring to study hard and smart.May Allah always be with her.Ya Allah,i beg u for patience and high motivation level now.Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.

"Miss Liyana yg termuah,i laught out loud when u text about the brides wars.Hopefully we dun ended like that.Fighting because u kan my brides maid.aha.Ill keep that words ok but biler babe,i pun tak der the groom.lols.miss u dearly"

Oh,still figuring out when to read Fairy's book about he is not that into u.perhaps after exam,ill be reading all books which i bought and never read it.haahahaha.I have few mins before i blogging out,words to ponder:

"In life what sometimes appears to be the end,is really a new beginning".

Even its tough to take breaking off,rejection and failure,u have to step forward and take things easy.keep on learn about life.Its a Learning Process!!

Ttyl Lovies!


fAirY said...

I'll give it to you after your exam love :)

Good luck! muax!!!