Sunday, 17 May 2009

Another post

hello again?

i had short conversation with him.a person i used to give all my heart to.allow me to say this because it was a shocking news for me.he wants to get married and still looking for the one?sudden news hit me today.wth?why should i feel resentment because of his future happiness?we both agreed to move on.5 years only remain as a number we shared our treasure.why must i feel sad?
aunt angah just rang me last thursday.she felt so terkilan because we didnt manage to reconcile and now he is telling me nak kawin?to u (u know who u are),i seriously want to get rid of u from my entire life to step hurts when u r telling me such thing.u r making me jealous and sooner or later u expect me to claw back to u.u tortured me and making myself awful because u know i can't fall in love with anyone easily.

full stop.


pRinceSs mieRa said...

darling, hilman ?

qilahlala said...

alahai dear...