Friday, 22 May 2009

Im about to sleep but..,

Its 3.58am.To be precised,i became amnesia.Couldnt sleep since arrived home after had dinner (Nasi Daging and Karipap) at Fairy's(had too much eating).I havent blog since i wrote about my unstable emotion.silly me!ok thats craps.I browsed Cath Kidston's page to get the mood and i dah ter fall in love with the design.*finger cross*.i sound like mak cik didnt i?cantik pls.the flowers pattern on homeware captured my heart.geramsss.
check this out,

Btw,Ill be having guests from Malaysia this Saturday.Cant wait to c them!


P/s:Wishing upon stars->Cath Kidston having sale for 90%.I'll turn mad.hahaha;p

Akma is sooo boring person kan?


Anonymous said...

akma...i might be in London(oxford) in July.might might might ,ill confirm once i get my tix.

U think u can come down London see me?

i might.keeping my fingers crossed. ;)