Sunday, 17 May 2009


well okay.i cant stop thinking about the bags.the essential bags which every girls must have!the question is when?hahaha;p.if im about to to buy this sometimes this month,i swear i makan bag jer everyday.will c how it goes.birthday in 2 months time,mcm mana nak hint papa nie?*grins*.
Ok,someday.someday.....,Ill work towards it!


Happy Mother's Day Ma!Sorry for the late post.I was away last weekend but u know i always love u no matter what.May Allah always protect u and papa.Cant wait to c u in November:)Pls dont have too much fun without me in Sabah.

*Hint:can i get nice Tiffany pendant?*.Heh.Demanding la nie!

Before i forgot,Syikin's wedding was held at dewan sri endon last weekend.To be honest i cried when i looked at the pics.My parents were there too.The bride and groom sgt lawa pls.Pelamin was beautifully touched by Nas and the dress by Man Kajang.My bestie,Kins cantik sgt:)
So jealous seeing those people (referring to ex-schoolmate) attending the wedding.sweet reunion though!more pics Facebook plus my roadtrip yg bising.kayyypoh!

More friends are settling down this year and next year.Oh 2009 and 2010 will be the phase friends getting married.ish.i hate this feelings and the tease"u bile lagi?".Thats not cool..Hoping to get through all this and attend more weddings(i dun want to miss it again again)..
Weekend is so dork.Can somebody pls rescue me from hiding under the duvet??

till then love,


Ashikin said...

god! sorry for being bz n lazy. got no chance to actually update everything. my world is just so laying low atm. :P dah settled down la katakan. lol. btw aku dah update blog aku for ur reference lol. love u!