Friday, 8 May 2009


Here i am....,

blogging.after weeks of being procrastinator.weeks of stressful.alhamdulillah.finally,the exam is over.yet im freakingggggggggg out for the result.hoping the outcome worth.Amin.

well,where shall i start.enough of xm,panic,moody,eye bag,caffeinated and acne all over the hair sgt lah gerbang and messy.haha;p.i swear if u c me,u'll be like hell-o is that u Akma?I have gone through ups down during the preparation n exam.Nangis2 call mama before entering hall,plok org before masok,ring friends to talk to.Haish.worst than before i nie!

This is it.Exam has over!I cried after last paper because i didnt perform well.Im hoping for the best luck.Had drinks wit few classmates.taking pictures and heading to Grafton Hall for lepak-ing,melalak-ing and solat-ing berjemaah.

Well thats about it.Yea,im not going back this summer.I'll be spending my summer in Dublin.Paris in July.Madrid this month insyaAllah.Budapest in June.Aug tah mana2 lagi.Haaaaa.Still in planning stage!anyhow,tonite im off to Limerick to visit Uncle Salim n family.Papa pesan retainer i and some food.Then roadtrip Limerick,Galway and Sekutu-nya.Heh.

Yabedabedoooooooooo.Exam is over.Tapi nak nangis la kan.result in a month.Ill be all out reading my books,jalan sana sini,shop(ops tak) and mingling around.haha.yeay!bole menggatal!hish.

*Grins*after 3 weeks,br dpt communicate.slmt berfly-ing.

Till then lovies!

akmabusuktakmandi pls;p


waed said...

budapest in JUNE??? g la sorg2..kiteorg g JULY!! hahahha

QilahLala said...