Saturday, 22 December 2012

Being true to who you are means saying what you think, doing what you love to do, and being with the people who inspire and uplift you. Of course, that doesn't mean you should always do what you want and say what you want. Sometimes being true to who you are means putting other people first. Sometimes it means keeping your mouth shut when you have something to say. But most of the time it means not being afraid to do what you want and say what you have to say. Most of the time it means knowing what you think -- and not being afraid to show it or say it. 

Needless to say,the past five days have brought a mixture of emotions for most people.Moving into the holidays,everyone is taking leave until end of the year,the 21.12.2012 world end, has set different tone to this Christmas and New Year.Being a corporate banker,end of the year is the time to settle down and have some "datins" moment when the target has achieved.Believe me,nobody hate the idea of staying while everyone goes on year end leave.As for me,I fancy to stay rather than take leave since the traffic is not horror as it is.KL is smooth as it is.I can reach office before 7.30 am and have my daily coffee until the office hours starts.

We all know this is generally much easier said than done,which is to love yourself.Sometimes it can be very, very difficult to believe that you are worth loving. Sometimes it can be damn near impossible to believe that you are valuable.I'll spell it out for you here: my attempt from the entry hope has failed. I have taken 1st step to ask and didn't get through it.At the moment,not every desire should be indulged it.After all, it's pretty hard to live in the moment and love the moment you're living in if you don't love yourself.

As I was writing this post,I swear,its really frustrating to accept the answers I obtained.I have ignored my instincts or avoiding my gut reaction when I was about to ask.Whatever it is,I have to gear up and move forward.No one but me can take the 1st step to love myself more.Ultimately,its up to me to decide what is the best.Sometimes,I find myself in a tough spot and unhappy with my life.It can be pretty rotten.Therefore,whatever happened now and in the past,its a wake up call and behind it,there's always a reason.Allah is testing me and I ought to stay stronger.

Things that really matter to me is myself.To love myself.I can't wait any longer .The more we turn our attention towards ourselves,towards the act of loving ourselves,the more likely we will be to ask for more from life and for ever,evert settle for less than we deserve.I can't blame anyone but its my intention to ensure if its IN,then I shall remain faithful and its OUT,its time to walk away.

There are things about me I used to be which I always give second chance and reason to stay.But this time round,I have to make precise decision not just to satisfy my parents or any other parties,I think its the time for me to settle down and move ahead to another phase.I have to believe that myself is worthy of love.

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday filled with love,happiness.I will be okay by the time I post new entry.Trust me.xx